Supported Living Services

Here at The Gentle Hands Care Agency, LLC we provide several services to the Developmental Disabled community.  A list of services and their descriptions are listed below.

home health care13398809_sHomemaker/ Personal Care – The coordinated provision of a variety of services, supports and supervision necessary for the health and welfare of an individual which enables the individual to live in the community. These are tasks directed at increasing the independence of the individual within his/her home or community. The service includes tasks directed at the individual’s immediate environment that are necessitated by his or her physical or mental condition (including emotional and/or behavioral) and is of a supportive or maintenance type. This service will help the individual meet daily living needs, and without this service, alone or in combination with other waiver services, the individual would require institutionalization.

home health care18735726_sAdult Foster Care – Personal care and supportive services (e.g., homemaker, chore, and medication oversight to the extent permitted under state law) provided in a private home by an unrelated, principal care giver who lives in the home and whose primary, legal residence is that home. Adult foster care is furnished to adults who receive these services in conjunction with residing in the home. Adult foster care services, their associated activities, and skill development proximate the rhythm of life that naturally occurs as part of living in the family home. Homemaker and chore services are furnished to the individual as a component of adult foster care. Due to the environment provided by foster care, segregating these activities into discrete services is impractical.

5236115_s-1Transportation – A service offered in order to enable individuals served on the waiver to gain access to waiver and other community services, activities and resources, specified by the plan of care.



18876181_sAdult Day Supported Living– Non-vocational day services needed to assure the optimal functioning of individuals who participate in these activities in a non-residential setting.

Vocational Services– Services designed to teach and reinforce habilitation concepts related to work including responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem solving, social interaction, motor skill development, and safety.


Supported living –  means services provided for as long as twenty-four hours a day to an individual with mental retardation or other developmental disability through any public or private resources, including moneys from the individual, that enhance the individual’s reputation in community life and advance the individual’s quality of life by doing the following: (a) Providing the support necessary to enable an individual to live in a residence of the individual’s choice, with any number of individuals who are not disabled, or with not more than three individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities unless the individuals are related by blood or marriage; (b) Encouraging the individual’s participation in the community; (c) Promoting the individual’s rights and autonomy; (d) Assisting the individual in acquiring, retaining, and improving the skills and competence necessary to live successfully in the individual’s residence. (For the purposes of certification, Supported Living refers to non-Medicaid services).



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